Monday, August 31, 2009

about the Title Photo

The title photo is a quilt that I made using charm squares (which are, in this case 5" cut squares) which are all from a collection of MODA fabrics called "Portobello Market". It was the first time I ever used a collection before and to have them all cut already was a treat for me!

At first, I thought this was a bit like cheating but then thought that it would catapult me into a project and sometimes I need a little kick in the pants to get me started. The other thing that motivates me is "quilt accountability". This happens when you make a purchase with two quilting friends and they are standing at the register looking at the sum you are paying- knowing full well that you have a ROOM full of fabric at home. The other thing is knowing that those two friends are your primary quilt cheer leaders and they will be waiting with baited breath for the "big reveal".

Lisa introduced me to quilting years ago and oozes praise when she sees anything I have made. Nancy, her sister and Lisa usually have a stack of quilt treasures to show and tell whenever I make a trip to Geneva where they both live. I will be joining the ladies tomorrow (for the next two days) for what I call my quilt spa. I have my "own room" at Lisa's and there will be lunch in Skaneateles and then a trip to my very favorite shop in Marcellus, NY-Patchwork Plus. (that's where I usually get mixed up in that quilt accountability thing. ) We usually do a little knitting and maybe sewing but I usually take the cutting with me cause I hate the math and Lisa is really good at that stuff. It also helps when someone with experience checks and double checks before that blade slices and dices that $$$$$$$fabric.

I love the whole process-working with the colors (trying to find a way to put purple in there somewhere). cutting the pieces, working that puzzle to get the blocks made, laying the blocks out to see how the colors balance, then sewing them up to "piece" the top. Now the challenge, to make the QUILT SANDWICH with the pieced top, batting and the backing fabric....I pin them together with curved safety pins- then try to visualize what pattern I will use to machine quilt them together. Notice the stitched design on the Title photo.

I'd be glad to explain about machine quilting on another post if you are interested. I'm always hoping to wet the whistle of those who may actually be interested in quilting along side of me.

I may not post until the 9/3 due to my "spa days" but I'll be sure to tell you all about it when I return. God bless you and if you have time, let me know what you think of this blogging adventure I am on.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

First, I would like to thank my daughter Vanessa for encouraging me to blog and for assisting me in navigating this post. We did this all on a break from our first canning adventure: 9 pints of tomatoes done with the hot water bath and 7 quarts of cold packed in pressure cooker.
This was a great experience because we read and reread the canner directions while consulting a library book and completed both batches to the glorious music of click,click,cluck as the canning lids sucked in the dimples with the correct pressure. High fives all around.

Thought I'd make a brief statement concerning the title of this blog................I feel so much of my creative efforts are sandwiched into my daily routine //// since sandwich was already used by blogspot-vanessa suggested a fancy italian sandwich-panini. I also love food and may even blog about recipes along with the rest.

I will try to "panini" this blog into my daily life may get in the way. Love hear from you.......comments are welcome!!!!