Monday, May 28, 2012

Travel project completed! Kinetic Cowl

I have been carrying a zip lock bag in my purse or tote just about everywhere for the last "little while"-alright the last "long while". I have knitting that is just too big and heavy to carry but this project was compact and served me well when visiting my mom at Assisted Living or waiting at appointments. It was a long (120 inches) of bias strip made from sock yarn. It always sparked conversation and those without imagination and without the benefit of a photo would scratch their heads and dismiss me as if I was a pathetic dreamer wasting my time.

But as you can see, there really was a plan and a result which I am very happy with. The strip is attached to itself with a crocheted slip stitch only adding to the color play. It is a cowl which looks like the turtle neck portion of a sweater and serves as a scarf on a cold winter day. As it is 80 degrees today and my eyes are swollen shut from the results of the cottonwood tree shedding snow into the air, I will not be posting a photo of me wearing this beauty. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Got the bug again!

Thanks to my Quilting friends Lisa and Nancy I have renewed my passion for quilting after an impromptu visit to Geneva. I joined a day long "bee" with 7 ladies all sewing at the same time and worked on and oldy but goody Singer machine. Then when I got home I remembered that my sister had given me one years ago and uncovered the little beauty.

I am currently working on a spider web quilt that I saw on Missouri Quilt company You Tube video. I have used charm packs (cut apart) instead of scraps to ensure the exact combination of colors. Here is am example of how the squares will go together.I am having so much fun with this paper piecing project. I currently have 80 wedges done. I am thinking 6 nine inch blocks across and 8 rows for a total of 48 blocks before a turquoise border frames it. I have to make 16 more wedges. Then sew the blocks together, rip off the paper foundations, audition the blocks to balance the colors and then assemble the quilt top.
Good thing that I LOVE the process!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Knitting Update!

I has been awhile. I have an update on the sweater that I posted last....IT IS FINISHED. I just recently blocked it and have photos of that (pin down flat in the correct shaping, spritz with water and then let dry completely).
And now a photo of me wearing the is really warm and soft! YEAH!!

A quick peek of what I am working on now.......entreloc-it means painful and confusing and brain puzzle and knitfrogfknitfrogknitfrogknit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't EVEN ask!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quilt basting frame

This was a surprise and revealed to me just days before my husband's saga in hospital. There are four posts with 10 foot boards. I will staple strips of fabric onto the boards and pin the quilt's three layers to the strips. The boards will be clamped to set the dimension and then I will be walking around the quilt pinning as I go. I will then move the corners in to target the interior. I'm hoping to watch how this is done over Christmas break in Geneva before trying this myself. I currently have two completed quilt tops ready to be quilted.
BTW I have not finished my pink sweater yet-I have put some Christmas gifts first on my to-do list!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Knitting to avoid panic

I am grateful on this Thanksgiving Friday to report that my husband is recovering from emergency intestinal surgery! For almost two weeks, I spent most of the days and evenings as a hospital visitor and resident knitter. I brought with me a project that was intended to be my "car passenger" project as we were to travel to Georgia. We waited for the stomachache to go away before leaving.........but took a side trip to the ER. Nevertheless.......look how my sweater is coming along! It will have long sleeves and a turtleneck.
BTW, I knitted both sleeves at the same time which obviously took longer and could have been a problem had I gotten the two skeins I was working with tangled BUT....the the sleeves are identical!!!
The pattern is from a gorgeous book that I bought with a 40% coupon at JoAnn's called "Knitting Nature" by Norah Gaughan. The yarn is 25% wool and 75% acrylic: Encore and although it looks like cinnamon it is really a deep mauve pink.
I guess the sweater will remind me of this trying time.......but I'd like to think that I made pink lemonade out of the ordeal!
Bill is so grateful for all the prayers and concern for his welfare. He is humbled and grateful to God for healing.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally finished!

You may remember this sweater from October 2009. That's right people-2009! Well, I finally finished and have worn this soft lacy beauty! The buttons really make the sweater...I bought them at my favorite knitting store: "Have Ewe any Wool" here in Amherst, NY.
The challenge was counting the pattern stitches. I found that if I took the time to place markers, I could then easily correct a mistake within a group of maybe 10 repeating stitches. It was easier to spot the mistake with markers separating the REPEAT.
It feels good to finish before starting another sweater.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Knitting break

Okay-have to admit that in the middle of all that quilting, I just had to treat myself with some knitting.This lovely beret was a "pattern and skein" gift from my friend/sister Carol who also bought a skein of a zinnia color for herself. The intention was for us to start this complicated pattern together(with many changes and the need to count to the point of NO TALKING or TV please). Well I had the perfect opportunity as Carol had some minor surgery and needed to stay off her feet for a day. I "babysat" for her hubby the day after surgery and we started together. Three hours later after knitting and ripping out(called frogging) we finally seemed to be getting the hang of the drop stitches and counting. I had to quick go back to the yarn store and get us each another skein in order to finish. The instructions have you block on a dinner plate. It's made out of super-wash wool so I can laundar and plate all winter!