Monday, May 28, 2012

Travel project completed! Kinetic Cowl

I have been carrying a zip lock bag in my purse or tote just about everywhere for the last "little while"-alright the last "long while". I have knitting that is just too big and heavy to carry but this project was compact and served me well when visiting my mom at Assisted Living or waiting at appointments. It was a long (120 inches) of bias strip made from sock yarn. It always sparked conversation and those without imagination and without the benefit of a photo would scratch their heads and dismiss me as if I was a pathetic dreamer wasting my time.

But as you can see, there really was a plan and a result which I am very happy with. The strip is attached to itself with a crocheted slip stitch only adding to the color play. It is a cowl which looks like the turtle neck portion of a sweater and serves as a scarf on a cold winter day. As it is 80 degrees today and my eyes are swollen shut from the results of the cottonwood tree shedding snow into the air, I will not be posting a photo of me wearing this beauty. 

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